WebriQ Studio powers microsites with audience-specific content

Omnichannel personalized experiences

By unifying tailored experiences across different platforms, get a more engaging way to reach customers.

Unlimited marketing campaigns

Get one tool for limitless unique interactions with your audience.

Unified analytics and measurable ROI

Track and optimize all your marketing campaigns through a single platform.

Smooth team collaboration for content management

Give your team the ability to edit content more efficiently with a powerful tool.

Reusable content blocks

With a single source of truth, content blocks can be used on any platform to create consistency.

With W-Studio you can

Build personalized omnichannel experiences

The world has become much more accessible with the use of new technologies like API-gateways. Now users can customize their data feeds based on what's relevant for them individually - giving everyone exactly what they want!

Analyze the outcomes of marketing campaigns

Our analytics tool will help you to collect the most relevant customer data and analyze results of campaigns. This way, advertisers can improve their ads strategy by learning what works best for them in terms of content and marketing channels.

Seamlessly edit the content

With all your information stored in the cloud, you can collaborate and publish your content as a team. Get complete version history, audit controls and roll backs when needed.

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